Monday, February 22, 2021

Misc: Adventures with further lockdown

More lockdown since January. Store just reopened recently. Time for another quick recap on stuff done.


More Nighthaunts completed from the Soul Wars and Court of the Kraven King.

Blood Bowl Season 2 (Store)

Lord of the Rings: Battle of Pelennor Fields (Store)

Still have the Wight-King on Fell Beast remaining in this set

Space Wolves (Store)

Warcry Catacombs (Store)

The Khainite Shadowstalkers were a blast to paint with their special effects on the cloak.

And now, more from my own collection,

Dark Angels (mostly 3rd Company from Vanguard Space Marines, Indomitus and Warhamer Conquest)

Gouged Eye Blood Bowl 

Got these in the shelf for a long while. Decided to get them done in the simplest way possible.

Not forgetting a small start into another faction with the Legion of Death

And finally, got the groove to get Akhan the Black done. Was a little afraid to spoil such beautiful piece.

Note to self, the more intimidating the piece, the more you must get it done as soon as possible!

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Misc: Status Update Supposedly Jan 2020 - Now March 2020 *Darn, It's September already???

So, it's 2020 and what happened since then?

Since I quit my job in the IT company and have been basically being a house husband for the next 6 months since May. I took the time to catch up on some stuff I have been missing out a lot, especially on the gaming front. Got myself some titles for the console and spend most of the time exploring them. Finished off some titles like Arkham Knight, Spider-Man and Fallout 4. Sadly, this resulted in the minis projects being shelved aside for the good part of the months. If there is any consolation, I was given a bunch of minis from the now defunct Artistic Justice Games which I was only required to paint Sherlock Holmes in exchange.

December came when I got recruited to join a nearby outlet as a store manager trainee. The work included assembling and painting out plenty of terrains for the shop prior to opening. Spent plenty of time picking up some new experience painting using sprays and contrast.

Ok. I will admit. Plenty of stuff has happened since the last post, even more since I sat down to write this post earlier, way back in March. Plus the fact that writing is not really something I do consistently.

Of course, I could have spend the time during the recent MCO to finish up the post. Most of the time in March/April was spent working on the shop's models before getting burned out and getting myself some games for my PS4.

Anyway, I got quite a lot of models done, celebrated the launch of 9th edition and started a new army to celebrate my birthday.

Finally got my Riptide O'Vesa completed

Captain Lazarus for my Crusade Army

Nighthaunt Army
Reiknor the Grimhailer

Black Knights from Legion of Nagash. Finished this before started my Nighthaunt

MCO Store Project

Indomitus Crusade, Store Copy
Got them battle ready for pre-orders in 24 hours (thank you Iron Painter). Fully completed in 8 days

The rest of the Store Project

Since blog updates are probably going to be much more infrequent, you can check out my Instagram link that is updated frequently with each project completion.