Monday, August 07, 2017

Warhammer 40K: Rise of Hive Fleet Tiamat

* Updated. See notes at the bottom.

Thanks my buddy joining the Penang Tabletop Group painting challenge, I decided to paint my genestealers in parallel with his daemonettes. While I had some head start since the models were primed some time ago with a few basecoated here and there, I threw in a few additional new models to the mix for a total of 12 Genestealers (Lost Patrol), 1 Tyranid Warrior (a prototype), and 5 Termagants. A total of 2 hours average per day got the whole job done in less than two weeks with a few side test job with my extra Carnifex bits from the earlier Old One Eye model which I did last year.

Also, I just got myself a cheap collapsible lightbox from Lazada that just arrived today. Still need to find the right setting for the camera to get optimum images. They are currently a little blur/blue on display which means, more trial and error for me.

Sample of the newly painted genestealers
A throwback of the first genestalers I did for Death Angels card game
Side by side comparison between the old and new
2nd Shot of older models from a slightly higher angle
Same as above, straight angle

2nd shot of newer models at higher angle
Same as above, straight angle

Side by side comparison of the last test models and the recent model. Left is new
I grabbed myself a box of the snap fit Termagants for testing, not knowing that I already did a test paint with surprisingly almost identical scheme here. The only major difference between the old and new is the blue lining on the carapace. The previous model was mostly done via drybrushing, which resulted in a much fader design compared to layering as seen above.
2nd Shot of both old and new paint job

Tyranid Warrior
Tyranid Warrior with venom cannon
2nd shot

This model became the primary test model to how the other units will look like under the same scheme as the Genestealers above. Glad to say, it worked and will now be using this as a basis.

The paint scheme used are based on weekly White Dwarf issue 33 with the Space Hulk Cover
Prime/Basecoat - Abbadon Black
Carapace Layer - Stegadon Scale Green
Carapace Edge Highlight/Carapace pattern - Temple Guard Blue

Flesh basecoat - Daemonette Hide
Flesh Layer - Genestealer Purple
Flesh Edge/Highlight - Pallid Wych Flesh

Weapons Basecoat - Bugman's Glow
Weapons Wash - Druchii Violet
Weapons Layer - Cadian Fleshtone
Weapons Edge - Pallid Wych Flesh

* I decided to run some test on the phone camera settings to find out the best result I can get since I was not happy with the blue tint which resulted in the earlier images. The results are those marked as 2nd shot as above.

Just to note the settings I used:
Metering modes - Spot
White Balance - Cloudy
Exposure Value - +1 as baseline for shots. Adjust accordingly
ISO - Auto (probably a 100 based on tests done earlier)


FourEyedMonster said...

I like the color scheme ... not usually associated with Tyrannids me thinks BUT it works. :)

DWolve said...

Not in the usual style. This scheme was taken straight from the 1990s PC Space Hulk Game by EA. A callback to my very first exposure to Warhammer 40K itself.