Monday, September 11, 2017

Event: Two Thin Coats Malaysia First Miniature Painting Event

As the header of the tittle indicates, I have joined the first painting event hosted by Miniature Games Malaysia Painters Guild (formerly known as Two Thin Coats Malaysia). This is primarily a Facebook group with members all over the country.

I decided to participate in this event for the heck of it and monitor for me to get Triumvirates done.
I submitted several models that I would like to see finished by the end of the event, namely:
a. Roboute Guilliman from Triumvirate of the Primach set
b. Belisarius Cawl from Triumvirate of the Imperium set
c. Captain Aethon and Kurtha Sedd of Betrayal at Calth
d. Primaris Marine from Getting Started with Warhammer 40,000
e. Slaughter Priest from White Dwarf September 2016
f.  ROBOTECH Tactics Artillery Regult and Glaug 
g. Descent 2 Elementals

This may probably look like a tall order to finish in one month, but I intend to finish up as many as I can above, since I intend to finish the models, as the saying goes "Completed, not perfect"

I also would have probably thrown in my WIP Tyrinids if the rules would have allowed it XD

Anyway, I will be consolidating all work in progress for the models in this event in this single post.

a. Roboute Guilliman
Registration 8th September 2017
WIP 10th September 2017
Helmet Head WIP 10th September 2017
Face WIP 10th September 2017
Roboute Guilliman is an easy paint by number model when referring to Duncan's guide for the Armour of Fate. My only issue with his guide is that I probably have to use the next smaller size brushes to what he suggested. Painting the blue onto the armour was not much of a problem. But the tidiness of it using small layer brush was just not possible. I had to use the expansive artificer (XS) brush instead. Thankfully, the Vallejo's Ultramarine Blue was smooth to apply.
WIP 12th September 2017
Heads WIP 12th September 2017 
Focus on the base and heads of the model. Not sure how to improve the armour at the moment. Maybe add Auric Armour Gold as highlights?

b. Belisarius Cawl 
Submission 8th September 2017
WIP 10th September 2017
WIP 10th September 2017
Belisarius Cawl is a great example of planning for painting instead of rushing to assemble. He was a pain to prime and basecoat since I did everything by hand.
WIP 12th September 2017
Added Retributor Armour and washed with Agrax Earthshade.

WIP 17th September 2017
Gold highlight with Liberator Gold. Drybrush silver with Necron Compound. Red based with Mephiston Red and washed with Nuln Oil.
c. Captain Aethon and Kurtha Sedd of Betrayal at Calth
Submission 8th September 2017
WIP 17th September 2017
WIP 17th September 2017
I decided to start some work on some other models, beginning with this two while I get further inspiration and ideas for Guilliman. Paint scheme is based on the product artwork from GW. Also, finally got the decals for these models too after a long wait. Too bad they have not arrived earlier.

d. Primaris Marine from Getting Started with Warhammer 40,000
Submission 8th September 2017
My first Primaris Marine. This will be a test paint in my usual Dark Angels scheme. I am still focusing on the standard marines though until my chapter is complete.
WIP 17th September 2017
Basecoat with Caliban Green and washed with Nuln Oil. Will probably not identifying with a specific squad. Perhaps the 3rd Company.

e. Slaughter Priest from White Dwarf September 2016
No schemes yet decided for this model. Anything goes.
WIP 17th September 2017
Basic basecoating and wash based on the product on GW's website (surprised to see it there now. Was not there a few weeks ago when I assembled it).
Reds - Khorn Red basecoat, Nuln Oil wash
Flesh - Bugman's Glow basecoat, Carroburg Crimson wash
Silver - Leadbelcher basecoat, Nuln Oil Wash

f.  ROBOTECH Tactics Artillery Regult and Glaug 
Submission 8th September 2017
The artillery Regults will be painted using the new scheme I did on my latest test model a month back. For the Glaug, I have not decided yet.
WIP 17th September 2017
Basic basecoating with whatever Vallejo Grey which I transferred out into a used pot a long time ago.

g. Descent 2 Elementals
Submission 8th September 2017
These two are quite long overdue since my last Descent model was done. The only other remaining minis left in Descent are the dragons. I intend to follow Sorastro's guide on Youtube. You can get the link to the video here.

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Warhammer 40K: Inquisitor Greyfax

Just a short post update since I was stuck home with flu and the next door neighbour's alarm isn't really helping me sleep.

Managed to take the whole day to work on Inquisitor Greyfax from start to finish, thanks to Duncan's guide.

Inquisitor Greyfax. Completed. 6th September 2016
Inquisitor Greyfax. Rear view
The only though part of Inquisitor Greyfax was her face. The rest was not much of an issue. I think I am gonna drop using Flayed One Flesh for skin as the colour does not vary much from Screaming Skull. It also does not seem to enhance or improve from the Bugman's Glow->Cadian Flesh->Kislev Flesh that I have been using all these while. She looks more like having a Kabuki mask as seen above.

Anyway, 4 down and 2 to go.

Friday, September 01, 2017

Warhammer 40K: Imperium of Man Triumvirates

This post was/will be written, added and edited over several days during this 5 day weekend (no thanks to National Day, Raya Haji (which turns out to be one day earlier then I expected) and the "unexpected" holiday declared on Monday for the SEA Games 2017.

*Updated 5th September 2017

It has been a stressful month (and that is just putting it very lightly) which out of nowhere, I decided to work on my minis as a means to recenter myself. I was suppose to finish up the tyranids in spite of the pieces I needed not arriving yet. But instead, I felt inspired to work on Grand Master Voldus of the Grey Knights and Fallen Dark Angel Cypher. Probably because these two were supposedly easy pieces (all silver and black, how hard could that be?)

Grey Knight Grand Master Voldus

Voldus was a simpler between the two as the model itself was primarily silver with Leadbelcher being the basecoat, followed by a wash of Drakenhof Nightshade wash and Runefang Steel highlight as per recommended on the manual.

Voldus. WIP. 30th August 2017
Voldus. Completed. 31st August 2017
Right rear view. 31st August 2017
Left rear view. 31st August 2017

The red of the cloak was just a simple layer of red with no extra wash or highlights, just to simplify things. The gold were Balthasar Gold basecoat followed by Drakenhof Nightshade wash and Auric Armour Gold highlight. I used Auric Armour since that was the bright gold layer I only had with me. I did not get the recommended Liberator Gold highlight as per recommended since I did not really see much difference between the two. Plus, I was not in the mood to open my new Retributor Armour just yet. I know realise that I should have done that after looking at how Retributor Armour performs. It just blew my mind.

Cypher, Lord of the Fallen

Cypher showed me how, that sometimes, painting the smaller models in multi-part does help make things look good. I might just get a second model at a later time (if I ever feel like it that is)

There were quite a lot of deep hidden areas since I had it assembled earlier as shown below. It is quite easy to miss them since these are hard to reach places. Case in point, the face itself. Looking at the second photo below, I came to realise that his face was only half painted! Luckily, I managed to get it fixed. Hence the second lesson. Always take a photo of your models. I highlights imperfections you never just notice while you are painting.

Cypher. WIP. Angle 1. 30th August 2017
Cypher. WIP. Angle 2. 30th August 2017

Edge highlighting the model is definitely tough once assembled. That does not mean it cannot be done.

Cypher. Completed. 1st September 2017
Cypher. Completed. Rear view. 1st September 2017 

Ultramarines Primarch, Roboute Guilliman

I got some interesting ideas after watching Warhammer TV's painting suggestion here. This lead to a lovely result that had me loving how rich Retributor Armour was. It is certainly interesting way to paint gold first instead of blue for the basecolour.
Roboute Guilliman. WIP. 31st August 2017
At the end of the 5 day session, I was not able to work on Roboute Guilliman since I skipped a day to take the family out.

Inquisitor Greyfax

Inquisitor Greyfax was an easy build, in comparison with all the models from the Triumvirate series alongside with Grand Master Voldus and Cypher. I basecoated it in Leadbelcher as per seen on Warhammer TV with lovely results before moving on to the other colours.

Greyfax. WIP. 31st August 2017
Another model that was left undone since I skipped a day. She is currently next in line on the workbench.

Saint Celestine and the Germinae Superia

These models are also painted following Duncan's guide on Warhammer TV. While the video covers only Celestine, the same can be applied to Eleanor and Genevieve with the same result.
Saint Celestine. WIP. 31st August 2017
Eleanor & Genevieve. WIP. 31st August 2017
Saint Celestine. WIP. 2nd September 2017
Eleanor. WIP. 2nd September 2017
Genevieve. WIP. 2nd September 2017

A little caution when handling Saint Celestine. My fingers were constantly grabbing at the iron halo, which is supported at a very thin piece. That is extremely fragile and will break.

Saint Celestine. Completed. 4th September 2017
Saint Celestine. Completed. 4th September 2017
Genevieve. Completed. 4th September 2017
Genevieve. Completed. 4th September 2017
Eleanor. Completed. 4th September 2017
Eleanor. Completed. 4th September 2017

The excitement working on Saint Celestine and her Germinae Superia fizzled after a day of not working on any models, and the frustration that I cannot get the looks right for Celestine's wings. I decided to just get the models completed instead. Celestine is missing her iron halo in the later shots since I tore it off as the halo was getting in my way. Of course it was reassembled back with a good amount of super glue.

Belisarius Cawl

Belisarius Cawl was a major model to build with tons of smaller parts that, although fits easily, makes it hard to both paint and assemble in the final assembly. The top and bottom also does not fit perfectly, probably only on my model to which I should have probably did some test fit before assembling all the tiny bits for the upper part. The model will be painted based on Duncan's recommendation like the two before.