Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Misc: Mid July Works

Since my buddy is joining a painting challenge, I decided to accelerate my work on a few models to free up the time for me to paint alongside him.

Eldrad Ulthran

I was working on this model partly before my iPad screen broke. Once fixed, my painting speed went on hold until recently when it broke again.

Anyway, got this done with whatever pots of paint, rather than buying the new sigmar paints that Duncan used in his tutorial. Only thing left is the glyphs on the cloak.

Robotech Tactics Spartan
Since my Hi-Metal R model arrived I decided to finished up these two units to at least have a set of destroids available on my table. The model is basecoated with Caliban Green, followed by Kabalite Green and the washed with Nuln Oil, then drubrushed with Kabalite Green. Probably should have gotten Sybarite Green which looks much more closer to the model's colour. At least it is now complete.

Robotech Tactis Regult
Another model which I decided to run a test scheme to differ from the first painted set. This time using Kantor Blue and Ulthuan Grey. Darker greys were Dawnstone and the darkest colour are Stegadon Scale Green.

Side by side comparison between the old and new

Also, I have decided to work on a different technique for my Deathwing units. Instead of the entire basecoated with Zandri Dust/Ushabti Bone like I used to, this one is basecoated with Zandri Dust, followed by a wash in Agrax Earthshade. The Ushabti is then applied only on the main surfaces while most other areas are left to create a distinct visual depth on the models. If this works, I'll probably adopt this as my new method to paint the Deathwings.

Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Misc: Long Break Rant

An unexpected break at the moment since April.

Got a little stressed up at work and a little depressed at home.

Worked on Eldrad Ulthran half way before I stopped. At least I managed completed the model recently and now moving on to the rest of the unfinished pile.

Dark Angels to start work after getting Ushabti Bone and Dark Reaper, probably end of this week when I dropped over at Wira for the latest White Dwarf too.

In the mean time, Hive Fleet Tiamat should be getting the next batch of Genestealers worked on. And probably a few Termagants for a colour scheme test before moving on to the bigger.

Dark Imperium just launched a few few weeks back but will probably get the core book a few months down the line.

Hi-Metal R Spartan just arrived, the model should be completed right away.

Paused on Descent 2 since I have no idea on the scheme for the Elementals. Might just prime them black first.

Quick question: How much does dad's stupidity cost? A whole new touchscreen.

Plenty of expenditure on the home to look into now. Hopefully I can get my finances ironed out by the end of the year. Yes, I am shitty at that aspect.

Commander out.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Misc: Diving into 3D

While working on the minis a several weeks back, I got some ideas on making a paint station. Trying to come up with some concept or test, I decided to turn to 3D design to get the right measurements needed for the whole project.

The prototype did not turned out well since the material it was intended to use was not strong enough to hold up (corrugated plastic board). This got me keen to try 3D something else just for the heck of it.

Some time later, I got myself to test out trying to remake myself the twin-linked autocannons for my dreadnought, based on my previous model.

Unfortunately, having just a 3D concept does not go far if you do not get it printed. A check in the web I got myself hooked up with a 3D printing community which offers their services. I decided to give it a try and was quite happy with the results. I will definitely make some modification on the prototype design and I probably create something new for possibly mass production.

The parts completed printing and delivered in around 3-4 days
Part comparison with the previous model
Printed arms on the model itself.
I have a few other parts being designed and we may just see them in production in the near future.

Oh yeah, before I forget, not exactly something I expected to be doing but this is a start of something new (at least HQ units primarily)