Thursday, April 19, 2018

Warhammer Shadespire: Sepulchral Guards

A short post on the finally finished Sepulcral Guards from Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire expansion. The other two from the base set is still work in progress.

The team
Sepulchral Warden
Sepulchral Harvester
The Champion
The Prince of Dust
The photos taken had some editing done. Not sure why but there is  a strong blue hue in the raw photos take. Possibly the LED is too bright. Need to look into it.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Misc: Dec-Mar Updates

Christmas this year was a very stressful week with the furniture assembly and shifting since I need to convert the study into the bedroom for the kids. Would not have been that bad if not for the fact that I had to babysit the kids too since kindy was closed for renovation. Very depressed after that that I could not really find any motivation to complete the Rhino I was partially working on.

What did not help was the fact that Chinese New Year was around the corner too. For this year, I went a little extra in cleaning out the house compared to what was done previously since there were plenty of dust brought in during the furniture assembly. Once pack, it was hard to find the mood to get painting again. At least I am glad that I managed to grab myself a copy of Shadespire and a box of Necromunda with the coupons I acquired from Wira. I am currently working on the Shadespire models (no thanks to Facebook. Got to collect and paint them XD)

Some updates on what little's been done,
- Collected myself another Crusader card from GW, specifically the Crusader 100 card for my DA units. This will probably be the first of many to come XD

- Attended another masterclass from Wira Games. This time was sculpting with green stuff. Although sculpting is not something I do often, it was certainly a fun class.
Dark Angel Primaris from the sculpting class

- As mentioned above, finally got myself Shadespire and Necromunda. These are now in my to do list.

- Palladium's campaign for Robotech Tactics came to a screeching halt with the loss of their license. That resulted in most of the wave 2 goodies cancelled. Took up their offer to exchange the wave 2 minis for more wave 1. So now, I have got myself enough for another faction for RDF and Zentradi each. This is going to be fun. I might just use the sculpting lessons to make some conversion, specifically, making some Super VFs and if possible, some Armoured VFs. Maybe I should order 2 more box of VFs just to be safe.

Now to get the Steelheart and Reaver models done.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Misc: Wira Masterclass

Just a shot post on the masterclass I went for a few days ago, led by Carl Lum ( at Wira over the last weekend. Overall, it was a good recap on some of the things I more or less had idea of but need some assurance that I was doing it right (since I usually paint at home and only have them displayed only at home.

The classes covered some basic stuff with focus on skin tones, leather and weathering using House Goliath from the recently released game from Games Workshop, Necromunda. Time to add a box to my wishlist XD

A little behind the scenes on the painting process.
 Skins and black highlights were the first to be done.

The reds. Decided to make the facemask red instead of black to make it stand out a little as my model was the only one without a face.

Some extra skin tones and finishing up the reds.

Now looking forward to more classes that are available. The classes are a good welcome to trade ideas and also as an affirmation that you have got your methods on track.