Saturday, April 15, 2017

Misc: Diving into 3D

While working on the minis a several weeks back, I got some ideas on making a paint station. Trying to come up with some concept or test, I decided to turn to 3D design to get the right measurements needed for the whole project.

The prototype did not turned out well since the material it was intended to use was not strong enough to hold up (corrugated plastic board). This got me keen to try 3D something else just for the heck of it.

Some time later, I got myself to test out trying to remake myself the twin-linked autocannons for my dreadnought, based on my previous model.

Unfortunately, having just a 3D concept does not go far if you do not get it printed. A check in the web I got myself hooked up with a 3D printing community which offers their services. I decided to give it a try and was quite happy with the results. I will definitely make some modification on the prototype design and I probably create something new for possibly mass production.

The parts completed printing and delivered in around 3-4 days
Part comparison with the previous model
Printed arms on the model itself.
I have a few other parts being designed and we may just see them in production in the near future.

Oh yeah, before I forget, not exactly something I expected to be doing but this is a start of something new (at least HQ units primarily)


FourEyedMonster said...

That eldar looks impressive so far! And as for 3D painting how I wish it is at the stage where we can print resin quality details of anything and I mean anything we can think of.

DWolve said...

Hehe. Have to thank Duncan for the Eldar.

It'll take probably much longer to be able to print resin due to the material itself.
Probably the closest would be to print, mold and make the resins instead. Which will probably be the next stage for my 3D stuff.