Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Descent 2: Heroes, lesser monsters and then some

Finally finished the last of the smaller mobs of Descent 2 minis since the last posting


With the reference card as design reference, these were not that difficult to work on. Ashiran (Staff wielder) was the toughest of the bunch since there was not much details on her attire base on her reference card. I basically decide to wing it with various shades of green that I have on her attire instead. Due to the size of the minis, the eyes were also a pain to work on. I actually got a table magnifying glass to use, without much success

Flesh Moulders
Couldn't decide the colour scheme to use for the flesh moulders. Winged it using the different washes on the cloth to create the difference in the attire between the master unit and the rest.

Zombie lead was washed in Carroburg Crimson to create a reddish master on the model as seen with the flesh moulders

Goblin Archers
Again, reddish master done as per before.

Since Descent 2 comes with lots of stuff and packing was a pain using bags and all, I came across using foamcore to make the inserts for the game itself which helps with the packing up by a lot!

Credits to the Esoteric Order of Gamers for the guide on building the inserts. I had mine slightly modified to fit the use of sleeved cards. Not a great modification, but it works for now as seen above.

You can get the blueprint from the Esoteric Order of Gamers website. Just a quick note, the foamcore used here are 5mm core. Made the base insert initially with 10mm and decided to redo the entire thing with 5mm.

Also completed since the last post were the following units for my chapter.

Zameon Gydreal
Deathwatch Dark Angel Zameon Gydreal was expected to be a company champion upon his return to the Dark Angel Chapter upon finishing his term with the Deathwatch. I decided to use his model in my chapter as a company champion itself. I have yet to decided which company he will be joining. Probably the 3rd company.
Ravenwing Squad 2 bikers
2 set of bikes to at lest complete the basic squad. 3 more bikes, 1 attack bike and a land raider to go for a full squad.


FourEyedMonster said...

My, you have been busy indeed. :) And I couldn't help noticing you nailed the painting of the female archer's eyes. ^_^

DWolve said...

Lol. Thanks but looks like a long way to go for me. Tried the Black then white without any success.